• I got into the crypto universe in 2017. I specialize in finance, business management and marketing. My task is to support KounsPlatform users in the affiliate program through marketing tools. I want to help most investors become richer and build a team where everyone will be in one family!


  • I’m Julia and I’m a 28 year-old Polish citizen, but I like to see my self as a citizen of the world. I have lived in many cities but I see Geneva as my home. I started looking into crypto 3 years ago. I believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain can both help restore the economy of our world, especially those in third world countries. I hope that in the near future, governments and people of power will be more supportive of blockchain and cryptocurrencies helping the world.


  • I am an outgoing and enterprising person, I have loved the world of cryptocurrencies for 5 years, since then I have been researching and investing in them. I have my own company and every day I am expanding it a little more. I love going out and enjoying the day as much as the night. I am also a musician, producer and DJ. I am also an event planner.


  • I'm Nguyen, a proud citizen of the Australia. I've been into the crypto industry for almost 3 years. The greatest regret of my life is when I was asked by my colleague way back 2013 to invest in Bitcoin but I ignore it. Never knew that it will be the greatest digital asset of all time especially during the bull market of 2017. That is why, in that same year, I dedicated my time into learning more and investing in cryptocurrencies. And being with konus since 2018, I'll continue to spread awareness to my fellow countrymen about Konus and as well as to harness future supporters.

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