We are digital thinkers

Konus Platform is fully licensed in Singapore and authorized to operate worldwide. We are structured for long term growth by providing excellent returns on investments. We operate a wide portfolio of income streams such as crypto trading, mining crypto currencies with the latest hardware as well as Forex trading with our programmed EA

Our teams of experts use algorithms to analyze public trading stocks and signals in the crypto market which guides us in investing to reduce risk and generate modest returns.

Our mining center is constantly expanding with investments in latest technology acquiring new and more efficient equipment which allows for faster and more financially viable procurement of crypto-currency.

A percentage is paid to your wallet each time Bitcoin is earned from mining, a portion of this earning is set aside to repurchase new partial shares automatically. The system is set up to get the most activity and current purchasing capability.

Profits are calculated as per the volume of the investment and the aggregated profit margin which will be remitted to the investors account on a daily basis provided you have reached the minimum withdrawal of 0.00203BTC, you can always withdrawal your earnings.

Withdrawal from Konus Platform has been made super easy with all payments of ROI being automated, funds reflect for withdrawal within few minutes of request and you can withdraw directly to your wallet. Your wallet is safe with Konus as we provide end to end encryption on every deposit or withdrawal